Sunday, 29 July 2012

Hakkejima Sea Paradise

What better way to start our Summer School at Little Minds with a field trip to the Aquarium
On Saturday 28 July , we visited Hakkejima Sea Paradise, Yokohama


 Students enjoyed a fun filled day exploring rock pools, watching dolphins and seals up to their tricks, finding Nemo and other tropical fishes as well as traveling through underwater tunnels with whales and dolphins swimming overhead.

At 8am, we loaded onto our bus and set off to Hakkejima Sea Paradise

Patricia Sensei Explaining Aquarium Challenge
( Can you find ~ ?)

Yummy snack bags... (Thank-you Kumiko)

...Excited to see Whales
First dolphin spotted...

...and posing for the camera

Getting our tickets...ready to explore the Aquarium

Ssssssssssh, be quiet the Penguins are sleeping

Keeping cool on a hot summers day

Friendly stingrays and happy faces

Finding Nemo........

...and a very grumpy looking fish too

Learning about Ocean Eco-systems...

    Saying hello to turtles

                                                   Getting ready to watch the show

Being Entertained by seals...
Can you spot the spotted whale?

Lunch time !!!

...Shaved -ice and happy children

After lunch it was off to cool off  with dolphins and explore in rock pools...

                                              Discovering Starfish and sea cucumbers...

and through another underwater tunnel, with seals swimming above us

                                        Enjoying the coolness

On our way back to Little Minds... some still had lots of Energy...

....While others fell fast asleep...

A fun day was had by all... we are looking forward to our next school trip soon :)

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