Thursday, 18 October 2012

Rainy Day Halloween Crafts

Today was such a rainy day, but at Little Minds we didn't let the rain dampen our Halloween spirit as we crafted away. I took the opportunity to try out some Halloween crafts inspired by those that I had seen or pinned on Pintrest.

We started the day by painting some paper  plates black


                                                      And turned them into cute black cats...

We then used the remaining plates we painted to make a spider candy carry pouch

Spider Candy Carry pouch, made from painted paper plates, pipe-cleaners, type and construction paper
We finished the rainy morning making sparkly crowns

Prince for the day :)

In the afternoon we had another visit from  Munching Monsters (please see previous blog)

We gave each student a glow stick to place inside the monsters mouths, so they glowed - it was a real hit with our older cram school students :)

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